About Melody for Me

Composer Henry Mollicone will create an original music composition (3-minutes, minimum) based on a 6 or 7 digit number supplied by you (most commonly a phone number or date).

Melody for Me notes on keyboard
Numbers and their corresponding musical notes.

(Black keys may be used: i.e., B or B-flat, F or F sharp, etc., where musically appropriate.)

Henry explains and demonstrates his composing procedure.

The finished product. (Please note: this composition includes a snippet of a famous Tango, at the client's request. Unless otherwise requested, all Melody For Me compositions are completely original.)

The Full Details:

  • 3-minute (minimum) original music composition by Henry Mollicone based on 6 or 7 digit number supplied by you
  • Recorded by Henry Mollicone on baby grand piano
  • The buyer owns the work and is free to make copies etc.
  • Composition delivered on CD via Priority Mail
  • Turnaround time approximately two to three weeks once order has been processed
  • Price: $600.00

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