Henry Mollicone Improvises

To the delight of audiences, Composer Henry Mollicone has improvised musical pieces during live concerts based on numbers guests have given him that have significance in their life. Now it possible for you to experience this fun, musical innovation by purchasing a Melody for Me composition to bring the joy of music to your special occasion.

Below are excerpts from actual Melody For Me compositions:

(Please note: this composition includes a snippet of a famous Tango, at the client's request. Unless otherwise requested, all Melody For Me compositions are completely original.)

Henry Mollicone's Mother's Day Improvisation

What better way to honor a mother than a unique piano improvisation based upon her date of birth!

Henry Mollicone says: "I recently completed the improvisation (below) in memory of my mom, using her birth date for the notes: 2/21/13 (DDCCEE).

She was kind and loving, and responsible for my musical career by her encouragement and support: bringing me to piano lessons, composition lessons, encouraging the musical career she knew I wanted.

I wish I had thought of this before her passing, as I know, as the “proud Italian mother,” she would be happy to receive this unusual gift."

Who do you know who would love and appreciate such a unique gift?