Praise for Melody For Me

Watching Henry Mollicone create a mini-masterpiece with his only inspiration being a date….i.e. a birthdate…. on the calendar confirms my firmly held belief that his talent for creating gorgeous melodies and harmonies literally gushes out of him. It is truly a wonder to observe.
~Lawrence Kraman, Newport Classic, Ltd.

Henry’s improvisations on various special numbers or dates are some of the most creative and and charmingly spontaneous musical moments I’ve ever encountered! These would be a wonderfully unique gift to anyone.
~Dale King, violinist

I was truly impressed and delighted with the improvisation using my wedding anniversary date. The recording will be my best gift when that day rolls around next. It’s a clever, fun tune with a romantic variation, too. It takes great imagination and talent to be so spontaneous and create music worth keeping. Henry’s gift is a treasure.
~Mimi Carlson, flutist

To say I was blown away would be an understatement. Henry’s “personalized music” is amazingly diverse; themes run from ragtime to symphonies. Where else can a regular person get music made to order?
~Pamela Bennett, nurse

There is solid evidence of “magic in numbers” when Henry Mollicone coaxes them into melodious musical language. Offer Henry a set of numbers – your birthdate, your anniversary, phone number, and before your “ears”he will bring those numbers into musical life in Theme and Variations format that will delight and astound you. I have witnessed this Houdini of Music unlock the melodies from clever traps such as repeated numbers, or even all matching digits – but no Johnny-one-note here, no indeed. The music escapes in billows of melody from Henry’s creative imagination in moments. Fun, impressive, and definitely an unforgettable, “one-of-a-kind” artistic gift created out of thin air for you or a loved one. I heartily recommend Henry’s artistry to you!
~Nancy Wait-Kromm, soprano

To surprise my wife Carrie with a special Valentine’s gift, I employed Henry Mollicone to improvise a song for her. He asked for the numbers corresponding to her birthday, and by applying the numbers to keys on the piano he started to play an absolutely beautiful melody. Carrie was surprised and wowed by the piece. She was also given a CD recording of “Carrie’s Song.”

We were so pleased that we asked him to improvise music for our grandsons, based on their birthdays. Henry improvised two beautiful pieces: the Enzo and Frankie Fantasies. We sent the CDs to the proud parents which made them very happy.

I highly recommend having Maestro Mollicone improvise a unique musical piece for you to give to that someone special in your life. You will make them very happy.
~Mario G. Giorgianni, M.D.

Musical notes pass through Henry Mollicone’s fingers like jeweled beads onto the keyboard, as he spontaneously creates a beautiful melody. Your personal song, from random numbers of a birth date, an anniversary, a graduation.

Henry’s improvisations, a true gift of immeasurable value…pure genius.
~Cynthia Kilian, Arts Commissioner